Allison Hayward, Founder

Allison Hayward, Founder

Allison Hayward, FounderAs a native Mainer, coupled with having nearly 20 years of experience working with families, Allison is New England’s local childcare expert. She personalizes East Coast Nannies’ services for both families and nannies, working to ensure sustainable nanny placements.

She arranges customized childcare solutions for families by selecting candidates that truly meet family expectations. Allison hand selects nannies for both permanent placements and temporary placements alike, making ECN a great choice for local families as well as out of town guests.


Our logo

The birds in our logo have special meaning to Allison. She and her mother Judy have a strong bond. She has supported Allison throughout all of her ventures and especially as she began building East Coast Nannies. In fact, she helped Allison obtain her very first babysitting job at age 13 and after all these years it has culminated in the creation of East Coast Nannies.

EC_nannies_logoJudy has always used the nickname “bird” or “birdie” for Allison. As Allison was in the beginning stages of developing East Coast Nannies, Judy was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

There was never a question of whether or not to continue creating East Coast Nannies.

This made our birds an easy choice as East Coast Nannies’ logo. These birds represent a loving bond between an adult and a child. The arch represents a bridge and how those closest to us gently guide us to our destination.


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